Buena Vista Cafe, home of the Irish Coffee, San Francisco  2005

Caitlin, Miranda, Davis, Chris 

Florida, on the way to Haiti 1980

Chris, Gene, Jessica, Elsa, Miranda

Ken's birthday in Ft. Collins 2001

Miranda, Davis, Sue, Ken, Chris 

Christmas 2004

Davis, Gene, Elsa, Miranda, Haley, Jessica, Caitlin, Chris

Miranda with photo jewelry by Elsa 1980

Christmas 1980 Florida

First winter in Macon  1990

Chris, Caitlin, Ruthe, Davis, Miranda

Miranda and Chris get hitched 1973

Don, Ruthe, Chris, Miranda

Dacha south of Moscow 1997

Davis, Caitlin, Miranda, Chris 

Erg Chebbi, Morocco 1998

Caitlin, Miranda, Davis,  Chris

Amelia Island 2003

New Ph.D.s  Caitlin and Jon 

June 2016

Caitlin's first shave. El Paso 1984

Jon reading to Hank. Davis, CA 2016

Chris at dinner table. Photo by Caitlin with Leica Digilux2 , 2012?

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